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Janet O’Keefe

Janet O’Keefe is a distinguished and respected Expert Speech and Language Therapist, a parent of a child with complex medical, social, emotional and educational needs, author of The Ordinariness of Impairment: inspiring stories about children with special needs, an expressive and colourful leader of The SEN Revolution, an approachable mentor, inspirational beacon for a monthly sacred women’s circle gathering and an engaging speaker and advocate.

Janet is constantly envisioning ways to improve and upgrade her life and the lives of everyone she lives and works with including those with special needs, their parents and the professionals who support them. Janet intuitively understands what you need, your ideas and your feelings. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge of what works to make a positive difference to not just attainment and outcomes from an academic perspective but also to enhance well-being and quality of life. People instinctively look to Janet to share her recommendations on schools, programmes, therapies, services and mentors. Although she has a great attention to detail she also examines the whole system and is attuned to all the senses.

Working with Janet will empower you to become an advocate for yourself, and for those you live and work with. She is championing a world where everyone has a voice that is heard, valued and respected.

“We went to SENDIST in August to fight to get a placement in a special Asperger’s school. We won our case, he started School on Monday this week and he loves it! Thank you very much for your input into our case. Your report was excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending you to other parents.”

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