Medico-Legal Assessment and Reports



Janet will travel to your home or your child’s school anywhere in the UK. If this involves travelling more than 2 hours each way Janet will travel the night before and stay over in order to maximise the time available on the assessment day.
Before or during an assessment you will be asked specific questions including the relevant history of you (or your childs) condition and any previous speech and language therapy treatment you may have had in the past.
Your formal assessment using standardised tests will enable you to receive detailed information about your condition compared to peers.
Your assessment will be an indepth evaluation carried out in several settings. The assessment will last 2-3 hours minimum.
The report may then be submitted as part of a Special Educational Needs mediation or appeal process or to Court.
Janet regularly appears in Court to give live oral evidence as an Expert Witness. She is a member of the Expert Witness Institute.


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