Online Training Course in Speech Language and Communication Needs



Janet O’Keefe is an online facilitator/associate tutor for the eLearning Speech Language and Communication Needs Course aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, specialist advisory and support staff, health professionals and parents. Janet acts as a mentor and coach online and via Skype to support the transfer of learning.

Speech, Language & Communication Needs Course

The course aims to:

  • raise awareness of the incidence of difficulties in speech, language and communication
  • provide a description of how language develops
  • emphasise the impact of the language environment
  • raise awareness of the range of difficulties that learners may experience
  • raise awareness of the impact of these on both access to the curriculum and inclusion in the social environment
  • describe informal assessments that can be easily carried out
  • outline a range of strategies to help learners with SLCN

In person training sessions can also be provided on request in the UK.

The speech, language and communication course costs £199 for a 12 week programme and if you would like to look at the course content in more detail you can go to the olt international website. You can also book direct with me by purchasing it here.


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