Voice Feminisation Programme



Janet O’Keefe has had success in working with male to female transexuals desiring a more feminine sounding voice. Female to male transsexuals take male hormones as part of their transition which enables them to go through puberty which automatically enlarges the larynx and lowers the voice. Feminising a voice for male to female transsexuals is not affected by the hormone treatment, and so can be more difficult. Some people opt for surgery to reduce the size of the larynx. However, even if surgery is an option, it is strongly advised that speech, language and voice therapy is undertaken both before and after to ease the adjustment and avoid voice misuse. Therapy therefore involves a strong commitment on the part of both the therapist and the transsexual person. Therapy can be provided individually in person, intensively in groups or via Skype. Home practice is essential to success.

The programme is 8 x 1 hour sessions and costs £1600.


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